K Squared LDN offers a wide range of services for new startups.

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Squared LDN offers expert advice and guidance for all of your company formation and startup needs. We specialise in CIC and not for profits in their first 3 years of business. We also offer five star consultancy to solo entrepreneurs who need expertise on the systems and procedures required to formate a robust, legitimate business model. Our consultancy has the best results when an organisation has not yet been formed or is in the first 3 years of business.

Policy Writing

Policies and procedures should be one the first places anyone in your organisation goes to when they have any doubts about what they should do. Companies need policies and procedures as a rule book to run the business compliantly and inline with regulations.


We write policies and procedures that are clear, easy to follow and catered to all of your organisations needs. 


Strategy is vital. If your organisation needs a plan to  achieve your vision, prioritise objectives, compete successfully, and optimise financial performance then our strategy services are for you. Squared take away the fear from these daunting tasks. 


Leave the technicalities to us so that you can focus on doing what you do best which is  providing your service. 


If you have a new idea but you're not sure how well it will be received, perhaps you are thinking of expanding into a new region, or maybe you haven't started your business yet but need thorough market research then this services is for you. Squared LDN produce research documents, incorporating the latest news, trends and in some cases using focus groups so that you can sit back with ease knowing your decision is well informed.

Programme Writing

We have a proven and strong history of curating programmes and short courses that are tailored for different organisational needs.


Programmes are great services for organisations to offer, perfect for staff development or maybe you just need help turning your content into teachable lesson plans.

Business Plans

Business plans are essential to organisations of any age and size. They ensure the business has a purpose and clear direction. 


Squared LDN writes tailored business plans that encompass everything you need to have a clear focus in your organisation.

Diversity and Inclusion

We help you to drive business performance with actionable diversity and inclusion insights. Take your company to the next level by utilising the skills of people from a range of backgrounds. We help you create not just a diverse, but an inclusive work space so that you can make real progression within your organisation. K Squared LDN offers a diversity and inclusion strategy that goes beyond the legal guidelines.

Bid Writing

We have proven experience and results writing funding bids for charities and not for profits. We showcase your proven and potential impact in succint applications to showcase your best self to funders.

Website Design

In this era, a well crafted website is essential for all businesses. At Squared, we create beautiful, professional websites at an affordable price. 

Bespoke Packages

If you're looking for a combination of different services, get in touch! We'd love to work with you to create the perfect bundle of services to get your business up and running.

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